Is Your Lawyer “Handling” Your Probate Sale?

Is Your Lawyer “Handling” Your Probate Sale?

Letting a Lawyer Handle Your Probate Sale Sounds Like a Great Decision, But is it Really in Your Best Interest…?

When it comes to the handling real estate matters, lawyers are very important people. If you’re in the probate process, your estate lawyer will help you obtain the Letter of Testamentary from the Queens County Surrogate Court.

Startlingly, however, many executors of estate frequently state that their lawyer will not only acquire the letter, but also be handling the sale of their property. That sounds like a great way to handle probate, but does it really work in your best interest?

The truth is, you need to be prudent to make sure it is a decision that brings you more ease than trouble. Here are a few facts and factors that will help you make an informed decision.

Estate Lawyers vs. Real Estate Agent

It’s important to note that every industry has appointed professionals. Real estate law has specialized fields within which lawyers operate on landlord/tenant cases, living wills, trusts, estate planning and probates, and even neighbors complaints.

Just like lawyers, real estate agents and brokers are specialized professionals appointed to not only advise a seller on their home valuation, marketing, and sale of their property, they are also experts in marketing and selling the home for the highest price. Millions of homeowners in the US have chosen and continue to choose real estate agents to successfully net the final sales price of their homes.

Brokers are well aware of the ins and outs of the buying/selling process, and they focus on helping their clients to net the true market value of the property – which no other industry professional is properly equipped to do. With enough knowledge and experience, real estate agents can play an instrumental role in helping buyers and sellers make one of the biggest investment decisions of their lives.

The Real Difference

Imran Khan, licensed Realtor in the state of NY, who specializes in Probate and Estate sales in Queens County has personally encountered representatives of estates that have sold their property for easily 30-40% below fair market. This could mean a difference of hundreds and thousands of dollars—especially in Queens where home prices have skyrocketed between 2013 to the present.

There are hundreds of probate and estate lawyers in Queens County, NY known and trusted for professionalism and helpfulness. They go above and beyond to help their clients obtain power of authority from the courts so that sellers may have the right to sell the property. They also provide a wonderful service for people – especially those still mourning the loss of a loved one, making the whole process easier and simpler for them.

Like lawyers, REALTORs too have their set of skills and expertise and it is important to seek an expert in both fields so that each party can do his/her diligence. This will not only get you through the courts, but also net you the most amount of money on your newly acquired estate.

If you are in the probate process, or have already received your Letter of Testamentary, call Probate and Estate Sales Specialist, Imran Khan – REALTOR at Realty Executives Today in Astoria, Queens, NY at 917-545-9797 to get a free valuation of your home’s worth in today’s market.


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